Adrian Green

Adrian Green

Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker | Keynote Speaker

Adrian Green - a motivational and inspirational speaker who is unique in his field.

He is an Ex-Royal Bomb Disposal Engineer who now he concentrates his efforts as a fear crushing motivational speaker.

Adrian specialises in motivating individuals and teams to achieve more by sharing his life/death experiences with his mindset as a former National Skydiving Champion.

Adrian believes we can all do more, become more and that fear is holding us back.

He believes that with the correct mindset that you can accomplish things that most believe are incredible or simply impossible.

Whereas other speakers are telling other people's stories, Adrian has a wealth of experience that you can use to move to the next level in your life.

To hire Adrian Green as the motivational speaker or top table guest for your next event please “enquire now” or call us on 01522 508355

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