Barry McGuigan MBE

Barry McGuigan MBE

Barry McGuigan is a very popular motivational and after dinner speaker.

A true boxing champion, Barry fought his way to the top of his profession becoming European and WBA Featherweight Champion of the World.

At the height of his boxing career Barry McGuigan's fights attracted twenty million TV viewers. Known as 'The Clones Cyclone,' his popularity transcended sport.

His fights became family occasions, uniting people across sectarian and religious divides during a troubled time in the country's political history. A Catholic, Barry married his Protestant childhood sweetheart, Sandra Mealiff in 1981.

An Irishman, he fought for the British Title, his boxing shorts the colours of the United Nation's Flag of Peace and rather than an anthem his father sang 'Danny Boy' on many emotionally charged occasions before a fight.

Engaging and intelligent, McGuigan's heritage and incredible career during the most difficult of circumstances make him a renowned and much sought after speaker for both motivational and after dinner talks.

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