Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett

Cockney Night | Chas n Dave Night

Gordon Bennett would deny it by saying that he is his own creation, but he has been described as a cross between Chas 'n' Dave and Max Bygraves with a touch of Max Miller.

Gordon gives a fresh lease of life to nostalgia often drawing large crowds and 'putting bums on seats' as the saying goes!

With Cockney Nights proving as popular as ever, now is the time to book this show and let's have a right good knees up...(Mother Brown)

Plenty of audience participation...Gordon will have guests Rolling Out The Barrel and doing The Lambeth Walk (Oi) !

To hire Gordon Bennett The Cockney Night Entertainer for your next event please “enquire now” or call us on 01522 508355

Fees quoted are only an indication of what you might have to pay, and in no way constitute an offer of any kind. In some cases overnight accommodation, travel expenses and VAT may be charged in addition to the fee.

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