Ian John-Lewis

Ian John-Lewis

Boxing After Dinner Speaker | Boxing Event Host

"The Man in The Middle"

Passion is a word used far too often for people who merely like things, but Ian John-Lewis is certainly someone you could label as being fanatical about his love of boxing.

Ian John-Lewis was the first black British boxing referee to officiate a heavyweight world title fight.

Ian started his career in boxing as an Amateur and continued to have success as a Professional Boxer.

After retiring from boxing, Ian became the youngest A Star Referee at 37 for the British Boxing Board of Control and groomed by the WBC for refereeing some of the worlds best fights, including refereeing the oldest World Champion in history, Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins in Montreal Canada in 2011 at the second attempt at the age of 46.

Back in the real world away from the cameras and the world's eye John-Lewis has his 'day job' keeping him busy.

He has been doing his current job as a detention officer at Gillingham police station for 18 years.

It is a role that demands similar characteristics to being a referee, while he also sees a few familiar faces!

When Ian is not locking people he is proving to be much in demand on the After Dinner circuit. Ian recalls stories from his tough up bringing being the only black guy on his council estate to being centre of the ring for some of the biggest World Boxing title fights.

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