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Laughter Lines

Comedy Waiters | Singing Comedy Waiters

If you would like to spice up your event with some hilarious fun and a fabulous comedy performance, then Laughter Lines' Comedy Waiters is the show for you.

The entertainment starts at the drinks reception; the waiters will mingle with the venue staff and help serve the drinks to unsuspecting clients. From the beginning there is miscommunication and misunderstandings between the waiters and the unsuspecting audience. The waiters will gently hone in on guests and make little blunders and errors, which at first nobody seems to mind!

One waiter may be seen drinking from a wine bottle in the corner, one of the others may be under the table looking for something while a third is busy hoovering and cleaning! The actors take a short break whilst the main meal is served and then the act continues with the waiters singing a selection of bespoke comedy songs.

The show is a sophisticated and hilarious combination of improvised interaction with the guests and a top class stage performance (no actual stage needed!).

All the comedy waiters are highly acclaimed equity actors, skilled at live comedy improvisation and entertainment. As the guests become part of the show no show is ever the same – you are promised a unique event every time. By the end of the show, the waiters guarantee to have all guests on their feet with a dancing conga style music routine!

The show is usually a minimum of two hours while the guests eat, drink, talk and laugh. For larger audiences the waiters use professional sound equipment for the show. The Comedy Waiters Show provides the perfect entertainment for receptions, dinners, functions and parties.

Fees quoted are only an indication of what you might have to pay, and in no way constitute an offer of any kind. In some cases overnight accommodation, travel expenses and VAT may be charged in addition to the fee.

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