Mike Gatting OBE

Mike Gatting OBE

International Cricketer, After Dinner Speaker and Match Day Host

Mike Gatting OBE played first-class cricket 23 years, representing England for 18 of them. Holding the Captaincy for twenty-three test matches between 1986 and 1988, Gatting is still enjoying a career within Cricket after retirement.

A prolonged period within the set-up makes Gatting the ideal candidate to fulfil after dinner speaking roles, providing an exceptional cricket speaker role and keynote speaking.

Plying his trade for Middlesex CC, it took Gatting several years to establish himself within the England team. However once this was achieved, he was regarded as one of the most feared and prolific batsmen within the country.

He also gained a reputation as successful right arm medium pace bowler, and was named as one of 'Wisden's five Cricketers of the Year' in 1984.

After losing his captaincy in 1988, Gatting isn't without drama. He became better known due to his role in the "Shakoor Rana affair" in which a disagreement between the England Captain and the umpire occurred after it was believed an illegal fielding manoeuvre took place. Gatting's removal as captain occurred during the "Summer of four captains" in which England played the five test series against the West Indians, fielding 4 different captains. Gatting was also the captain for the 'rebel' tour which occurred in South Africa in 1990.

A real character of the game with plenty of stories to tell from his exploits within Cricket, Mike Gatting is an excellent addition to your event as a cricket speaker. His popularity as a keynote speaker and after dinner speaker is extremely high, with people wanting to hear his side of the story with regards to some of the most controversial moments in English cricketing history.

Mike Gatting's life is entirely full of Cricketing controversy and stories. A desirable after dinner speaker and cricket speaker who puts his spin on the events which could have been misconstrued by the press, Gatting will aim to set the record straight and deliver a memorable speech which will stay firm in the memory of all those in attendance.

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