Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Former Professional Footballer, After Dinner Speaker, Guest Apperances

Judgements of Ron "Chopper" Harris during his playing days tended to reflect the loyalties of the person handing down the verdict.

To supporters of other teams he was "Chopper Harris", the ruthless destroyer who would use any means, within the laws of the game or otherwise, to subdue his opponent; to the Stamford Bridge crowd he was an indomitable lion-heart and probably the best tackler in English football.

However, all could agree that he was a consummate professional, seemingly fashioned from toughened steel, who never flinched from a challenge and routinely played when carrying injuries that would have confined lesser men to the comfort of their armchair.

Ron had already made five League appearances for the Blues when he captained the England Youth team that won the Little World Cup at Wembley in April 1963. Tommy Docherty, impressed by the 18 year-olds fierce will to win, decided that he was the man to add resolve to Chelsea's faltering promotion challenge and recalled him to the first team against Preston four days later. He stayed there for 17 years, carrying out his allotted task with uncompromising thoroughness and invariably giving his managers all seven of them – everything he had to offer.

Ron was at his best playing alongside the centre half, close marking the oppositions most dangerous forward. Men like Geoff Hurst and George Best rarely prospered with Harris sticking to them closer than their shadows, and his mastery of Jimmy Greaves was such that the little genius scored just once in more than twenty matches against the blues and was even asked why Tottenham bothered to pick him against Chelsea.

It is true that Ron occasionally did things that made his team-mates cringe and was not above examining the bravery of the players he faced, some of whom were quite content to let him pass his afternoon largely undisturbed.

However, he relished the opportunity to test his mettle against an opponent with an equally fearsome reputation, and one bone-splintering challenge for a 50-50 ball with Liverpool's Tommy Smith is not likely to be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

Ron is a real favourite at Sportmans Dinners as an after dinner speaker.

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