Sheila Dibnah

Sheila Dibnah

Former Actress and Entertaining After Dinner Speaker

Sheila Dibnah is the wife who can boast a about receiving an iron manhole cover for a birthday present and has an impressive collection of big spanners thanks to her famous late husband, Dr Fred Dibnah MBE. the eccentric steeplejack.

She peppers her speeches with fabulous stories of what it was really like to live with a much loved celebrity and television presenter who installed a mine shaft in his back yard? There are things only a wife can know…and you will love this respectful, funny, upbeat and very informative presentation of life with a true, Great British Eccentric. Stories such as the time she faced an unharnessed climb up a 250ft factory Chimney with Fred before going on honeymoon to… Wigan Pier - on a Steam Roller! Audiences roar with laughter when they hear about how Fred sported a black wig and sparkly shirt in public, wore a fake fur coat at the top of a chimney for a bet and made use of bricks and spanners at their wedding reception.

From ladies luncheons to Womens Institutes from groups of 10 or 12 to groups of 500 Sheila Dibnah is experienced and confident in delivering an interesting talk to all sectors.

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