Andy Grant

Andy Grant

Motivational | Inspirational Speaker

Not wanting to be defined as someone who lost a leg in Afghanistan set Andy on a mission to redefine himself which resulted in him becoming the worlds fastest single leg amputee in the world over 10km by clocking a time of 37:17 in July 2016.

Since being medically discharged from the Royal Marines Andy has embarked on setting himself as many challenges as possible. From climbing some of the worlds highest mountains to learning to ski and surf as well as running. It has been with the sole aim of proving to himself and others that the adversities we go through in business and in life don't have to define us, it is actually all about how we react.

Now back in the civilian world he has found great pleasure in sharing his story with the corporate world, professional sports teams and in schools. Sharing the things that he has learned along the way, showing people that you don't have to have been blown up in Afghanistan for life to be hard, life is tough regardless of one leg or two.

It is about managing the challenges and learning to thrive rather than merely survive.

Andy will deliver presentations, workshops and guest speeches tailored for the audiences in the hope to inspire and motivate and unlock the hidden potential within us all.

To hire Andy Grant as the Motivational , Inspirational speaker or top table guest for your next event please “enquire now” or call us on 01522 508355

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