David Gunson

David Gunson

David Gunson Former Air Traffic Controller and Entertaining After Dinner Speaker

David is a high-flyer in constant demand on the after dinner circuit. He makes for compelling listening and will give you the best laugh in years. His brilliance as a speaker has been captured on a record "What Goes Up Might Come Down" where he gives his slant on the world of aviation.

David was a former winner of the American ExpressSpeaker.

Trained in aviation he has found his true home, telling his tales in front of crowds the world over. Civilian life saw him becoming an Air Traffic Controller at Birmingham Airport where he talked down aircraft for over twenty ears. His aim was always to stick at it until he got it right.

David's hilarious and smooth presentation is both unique and unforgettable. He is highly sought after on the after dinner speaker circuit, never failing to make the night memorable.

His delivery is guaranteed to reduce grown men and women to tears. A bellyfull of laughs from start to finish, he continues to be in serious demand as a speaker by audiences eager to enjoy his unique perspective on modern air travel.

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