Dr Mark Edworthy

Dr Mark Edworthy

Dr Mark Edworthy, Pilot, Conference Speaker and Entertaining After Dinner Speaker

"Adventures of a Tiger Moth Pilot" is an inspiring talk, laced with humour, during which you will learn what it is like to come for a flying lesson in a 1930′s vintage Tiger Moth.

Mark has flown over one thousand people in these open-cockpit aircraft.

Many had never seen an aircraft cockpit before, but after a few minutes instruction Mark hands them control. Hear what happens next!

Mark was a qualified instructor and during this presentation you will learn to fly with Mark's "Four-minute flying lesson", but rememberÂ…."Don't let the cows get any bigger!"

This is real seat-of-the-pants flying, using traditional piloting skills rather than an array of characterless computers. The vintage engines are still started by hand, the wings are still covered in fabric, and the instruments are the latest 1930′s designs. Despite using a wheelchair following the late effects of childhood polio, he has regularly flew up to 14 people a day, and is a fully qualified aerobatic and instrument instructor. He is also a display pilot authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

While describing the often-humorous adventures of flying vintage aircraft in a modern world, Mark will show you the parallels between real seat-of-the-pants flying and our modern lives.

Mark's inspirational presentations will help you see your life in perspective, and give you the confidence to pursue your own dreams. Learn how to uncover new opportunities in your life and achieve what those around you say is impossible.

All of Mark's presentations are entertaining and uplifting. He is equally at home speaking to small groups or at international conferences.

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