Geoff Miller

Geoff Miller

International Cricketer, After Dinner Speaker and Match Day Host

Geoff Miller spent 20 years on the professional cricket circuit representing Derbyshire, Essex, Natal and England.

He travelled to all the major Test-playing countries and played with or against some of the greatest players in the game.To which he freely admits: "I wasn't one of them!" In his own words: "I was a comparatively boring bread and butter cricketer who was only selected in the team to allow all the brilliant flair players to perform with freedom"

Having said that, he did play in 34 Test Matches; 25 One Day Internationals; 7 Overseas Tours; Scored over 14,000 runs; was captain of Derbyshire and Vice Captain of England; took over 1000 wickets and held over 300 catches – so he couldn't have been all that bad!

Apart from cricket, Geoff's greatest attribute was the ability to keep his team-mates amused with his hilarious dry Northern humour – which he now brings to the After Dinner Circuit.

By virtue of the sport he was in and the life he has led, Geoff now possesses a whole host of hilarious anecdotes and stories about himself and his colleagues which he relates both in male or mixed company.

Cricket is not the only topic he puts under the microscope in his search for amusement. Geoff is now in great demand at corporate events, company seminars, trade associations and service organisation dinners nationwide and overseas for his uncanny talent for making people laugh.

As Ian Botham's ex-room-mate for five years, he has a few funny stories to tell about that!

He also has the ability to laugh at himself. As the Sun newspaper once said:"The England team needs Geoff Miller like Parliament needs Screaming Lord Sutch!"

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