Graham Gooch OBE

Graham Gooch OBE

International Cricketer, After Dinner Speaker and Guest

Graham Gooch OBE was the most prolific run scorer top-class cricket has ever seen. He holds numerous Essex & England batting records having played first-class cricket regularly between 1973 and 1997. He has also coached Essex and remains at the club, continuing as the squad's specialist batting coach, whilst also assuming commercial duties for the county. He has also started the 'Graham Gooch Scholarship Fund' an initiative to raise monies to send some of Essex's best young professionals on overseas scholarships.

Graham's presentations are highly amusing and jam packed with hilarious anecdotes from his professional cricket career. He has acquired a vast fund of stories, which he delivers in his own unique style. He is articulate and well informed and can motivate, inspire, entertain and create an individual's awareness of self-achievement.

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