Micky Quinn

Micky Quinn

Former Professional Footballer, After Dinner Speaker, Presentation Night Host, Guest Apperances

Micky Quinn the former Coventry, Portsmouth, and Newcastle cult striker scored 230 goals in 512 league appearances in his illustrious career.

Infamous for his love of women, gambling, drinking and fights with Peter Schmeichal on the pitch and John Fashanu off it.

Now a horse owner, Micky scored four goals on his Newcastle United debut.

Micky says the stars of today are like pop-stars, "You could have a bit of a banter with the fans, now players are almost untouchable. "Managers," he says, "could wind you up verbally and give you a rollicking if you weren't performing and threaten to leave you out by dropping you, now you can't raise your voice to a footballer because of the immense money they're on."

It's not the players that Quinn blames for inflated wages; it's the Club Chairmen and the agents.

In his after dinner talks he speaks on both his footballing and horse racing career which makes him popular with a variety of audiences.

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