Sean Rose

Sean Rose

Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker | Guest Speaker

Sean was born in Middlesbrough and now lives in St Neots in Cambridgeshire. In 2000, while he was working as a ski instructor with the RAF, Sean had a freak accident in which he broke his back which left him paralysed from the waist down.

Sean crushed his T8 vertebrae, causing spinal cord damage and paralysis. The x-ray horrific, his close friends in tears, saying how would he cope?

From day one he would never accept the word 'can't'.

As an RAF Physical Training Instructor he had always pushed others to achieve beyond their dreams, now it was Sean's turn. He had no choice; he had to grasp life by the throat.

Sean Rose is a DOUBLE WINTER PARALYMPIAN as well as a world skiing and water skiing champion.

In 2013 Sean retired from competitive skiing as Britain's most successful alpine ski racer and is now a motivational speaker and an adventurer.

No matter how hard or difficult the challenge, Sean encourages us to achieve more in life.

Sean's greatest role model in life is his GRANDAD

His greatest all time high was winning Britain's first even Ski World Cup GOLD MEDAL!

Sean's top tip: DREAM BIG and make it happen!

"Life doesn't have to end when you're in a wheelchair or have other conditions or issues. It ends if you give up!"

Sean will inspire the lives of your audience, there will be tears and cheers.

He will bring humour to the tragedy, he will lift aspiration and challenge everybody in the room to raise their sights, achieve abnormal goals and settle only for the best you can be.

He will not allow people to live in a dream world, but if you're passionate about something then make your dreams a reality!

"If you're Dreams don't scare you they aint big enough" Sean Rose

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