The Beatalls

The Beatalls

Beatles Tribute Show | Tribute to The Beatles

It's great when an act conjures up the sound and image of The Beatles,

but can any band begin to generate the excitement and energy of the original Fab Four?

The Beatalls get closer than most, evidenced with front-page coverage in Liverpool's press after capturing the imagination of the crowds during the Mathew Street Festival.

Not that audiences have to imagine too hard. These four lads have earned their many rave reviews by being "stunningly exact to the recordings". As you might expect, they pay equal, meticulous attention to their gear too.

But suggesting the atmosphere of those heady, groundbreaking 60′s takes more than just attention to detail. Before performing at the Cavern last year, "Paul" described the band's passion for The Beatles music as part of an interview for BBC radio. "We love playing The Beatles and to do it at the Cavern is a dream come true. It's so exciting to be part of this great Liverpool music event".

This passion was obvious to all who saw The Beatalls that evening and throughout the festival. It will continue to be displayed in all

The Beatalls performances, because as far as they are concerned, it is the extra ingredient for creating the total Beatle experience.

The Beatalls have been asked to Liverpool on many occasions including a concert to 13,000 in Chevasse Park. Fees quoted are only an indication of what you might have to pay, and in no way constitute an offer of any kind. In some cases overnight accommodation, travel expenses and VAT may be charged in addition to the fee.

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