The Fab 4

The Fab 4

Beatles Tribute Band | Beatles Tribute Show

An incredible replica of the Beatles, one of the biggest bands of all time.

The Fab 4 give you all the hits from Paul, George, Ringo and John.

Starting with "Love Me Do" from 1962 and other hits from the 60s including "Can't Buy Me Love", "A Hard Days Night", "Help" and "Hey Jude".

After years of live work, the Fab4 are better than ever. Famous for their creation of the classic Beatles sound, they are a must band for any venue or party.

They were the first band invited to play at the Paul McCartney auditorium at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. What higher accolade could a Beatles tribute band be accorded!

The Fab4 also performed at the BBC's 'music live' event at the Albert Hall and enjoyed performing for celebrations on the re-release of the film 'Yellow Submarine'.

The authentic visuals combine with a superb performance to make a memorable event.

If you weren't a Beatle fan before seeing them you will be soon after. Fees quoted are only an indication of what you might have to pay, and in no way constitute an offer of any kind. In some cases overnight accommodation, travel expenses and VAT may be charged in addition to the fee.

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