Charlotte Hopley

Charlotte Hopley

Katy Perry Tribute | Tribute Show to Katy Perry

Are you all ready to experience a show full of bright colours, glitter, lollipops, candyfloss, cupcakes, feathers, party poppers and sparklers.

If you are, then get ready for the most fun show of the year... It's the Katy Perry Tribute show, performed by Charlotte Hopley, along with her two beautiful showgirl dancers!

Charlotte Hopley was the first Katy Perry Tribute to step onto the scene, and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most accurate tribute around the world. With the most eye catching, handmade replica costumes, coloured wigs and makeup, Charlotte is always mistaken for the real Katy Perry. Charlotte has done plenty of lookalike work, and has travelled around the world with this colourful show. Katy Perry Tribute has to be seen to be believed.

This magical tribute show has something to entice everyone; the show is suitable for all ages. Children especially love her songs such as 'Last Friday Night' when Charlotte gets them all on stage dancing around with her. Plenty of audience interaction is incorporated through out this show, and many props are used to create a theatrical visual. This Katy Perry Tribute has the best costumes, and best dancers costumes by far.

So if you fancy feeling like your in Vegas for one night only, bring along your candyfloss and your cupcake bras, and you'll definitely be in a for a special treat. This is a tribute show not to be missed.

The Katy Perry Tribute show is designed, so that the audience can either watch, or dance the night away to their favourite hit songs. It can also be adapted to any length of time up to an hour long, and is suitable for any type of venue, or age group. It also comes with 2 x dancers if requested.

Fees quoted are only an indication of what you might have to pay, and in no way constitute an offer of any kind. In some cases overnight accommodation, travel expenses and VAT may be charged in addition to the fee.

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