Ultra 90s Vs 2000 Experience

Ultra 90s Vs 2000 Experience

90's Tribute Band | Tribute Show 90's

Ultra 90s is the first and only show of its kind taking you back to the most exciting musical movement in decades - the dance era of the 1990's. It's fresh, new, unique and not to be missed!

It is easy to forget just how important and exciting dance music seemed during its heyday. These days, people write books and make films about how the mid-90s were the sole domain of guitar-fuelled Britpop.

But during exactly the same period, clubs and house music were such big business that they were widely assumed to have changed British youth's leisure habits forever.

With very few other acts daring to touch this style of music, Ultra 90s goes where so many of us want to be taken, back to our youth. School days, Uni days, clubbing, first holiday without parents... Even the more mature audiences appreciate this show with its exciting arrangements, powerful vocals and bags of energy.

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if it's 90s and you want something spectacular then Ultra 90s is exactly what you need.

The Ultimate 90s Revival! Book Now to avoid disappointment.

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